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How Can We Help You?
1. Create the content
We do the technical work for you, providing a FREE studio, funnel, editing, sales etc.
2. Publicise yourself
Your content and training will be made visible to our ever-growing engaged audience.
3. Earn big profits!
We take care of the sales, leaving you to earn massive commissions (up to 90%).
Discovery Hub can take care of all the difficult, specialised & costly parts of content creating. This means that, instead of spending precious time and money creating your content, selling and finding an audience, we provide everything as a package. Choose your subject, plan your content, and we take care of the rest.

We’ll always make sure that your video content is of industry-leading quality. Creating high standard content that reflects your own values can be long winded, expensive and at times frustrating - but it doesn’t have to be that way. Discovery Hub will eliminate the hassle, so you can focus on providing pure value.
Business Coaches
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Do you have knowledge that could help someone's entrepreneurial journey? Do you have experience teaching and creating? Do you want to become a part of something massive (& growing faster than ever)?
Welcome To Discovery Hub
The UK's Number 1 membership hub for entrepreneurs.
Handled by Veteran Pros with years of experience.
Zero Fees - we pay them all - filming, marketing, everything.
Any Field, from mindset & psychology to finances & tax.
Exposure to an engaged & Growing Audience.
Earn Passive Income from your content commissions (up to 90%)
Free Ongoing Support from our team
Have everything up-and-running within 4 Weeks.
About Us
At Discovery Hub, we create experienced, fast and studio-quality content for entrepreneurs & small businesses.
We can reach thousands of people all over the world.

Our content curating team, made up of Qualified, Experienced Professionals.
How Does It Work?
Are you an expert who wants to teach the right people? Who has a message that needs to reach a global audience? Well, you have two choices. Stay independent, taking the extra time and money to learn, action and execute everything alone (from getting leads to paying for editing software and marketing experts) and risk loosing focus of the content.

Or, you could collaborate with Discovery Hub. You'll join fellow experts and leaders, educating and inspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over the world. As part of our synergetic video learning community.

You have full control of the material - come to our studio, create content that matters and we'll handle and pay for the rest.

Sit back, watch your brand exposure, audience reach, student impact and massive commissions grow!
Compare Your Options
The old way...
Sourcing all equipment and resources out of your own pocket, hiring 5+ designers and technicians, building a list and selling to them...
  •  Course design & structure (£497+ for designer)
  •  Course hosting (£297+ per month)
  •  Course maintenance (£97+ per month)
  •  Custom sales funnel (£2,500+)
  •  Custom marketing plan (£1,000+)
  •  Professional studio filming (£2,000+ per day)
  •  Video editing (£1,000+)
  •  Email support (students) (£500+ per month)
  •  Monthly broadcast to database (£197+ per month)
  •  Plus SO much more... 
The average creator can save over £XXX when they collaborate with Discovery Hub!
Take a look at what you get...
  •  Course design, structure, hosting & maintenance
  •  Custom sales funnel & marketing plan
  •  Creators' online corner training
  •  Commission on new joining members
  •  Access to our professional video recording studio
  •  Videos edited for you
  •  Email support for students AND creators
  •  Plus SO much more...
Phone Number: +44 20 3909 0089